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Om kairos| Goa
Om kairos| Goa
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Aham Brahmasmi –Retreats

The art of living on 3 levels- Conscious Living/Healthy living , Evolved living and Enlightened living.


I am the Power. I have infinite potential and possibilities.


Life is uncertain dynamic, fickle, ruthless and unfair. That is why we find it difficult to deal with it
But life is also beautiful, peaceful and blissful.

The solution is here and it is ME.

Be a part of a beautiful 3 days residential weekend retreat. No gurus, no gyans, no fundas, no philosophies, no drama, no rituals, no past, no future, no abstracts, no promises in the air, no rocket science, no false promises - just honest, straight and direct with a simple, easy and fundamental process .It is all about now, what you have , what you can feel and what you are in control of.

Embark on an exciting journey within awakening, changing and transforming through the integration and balance of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Experience Conscious living, use your unlimited power and natural abilities, Be liberated . We just guide you through it.

Allow us to guide you to experience Conscious Living – Sat ,Chitha, Ananda ( Truth, Consciousness , Bliss) through a simple process of the "Aham Brahmasmi."

Creating a strong foundation or a base. You have to be rooted and grounded firmly so you can evolve and fly as high as you want.

Connecting to the Body , Mind & Spirit and integrating and synthesizing it into a perfect balance.

Body- Making it strong , energetic and flexible through movements, positions and balance. A semi detox diet to cleanse it.

Mind- Making it conscious ,calm , still and clear through breathing techniques and practices. Making it strong through application of logic. Finally using the freewill.

Spirit- Discovering your inner energy ( through chakras) and synergizing it with universal energy.

Establishing an easy and intimate relationship with your deeper self so you can choose and guide your thoughts , words, actions and responses with a deeper level of consciousness.

Synergizing the internal balance with the external forces.

Charging, maintaining and sustaining the inner balance under all circumstances through a very simple everyday process.

Living a life of Health, Peace, Harmony ,Bliss and personal Freedom.

And all this in a THREE days residential retreat.


Workshops in Art and crafts in all mediums.


Camps for Birdwatching, Fishing, Cycling tours.


Wood sculpting, Photography, Music, Theatre, Dance, Cookery, Creative writing, Communication, Yoga.

Pot Pourri

A combination of any of the above
Om kairos| Goa

Om kairos| Goa
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Om kairos| Goa

Om kairos| Goa